Terms of Use – Licensing Agreement

Below is a copy of my current terms of use when downloading my freebies. A text file with this information is included with each download. When you download from my site you are accepting these terms when you save.

Licensing Agreement —Terms of Use (tou)

The digital file(s) contained in the same zip file as this tou are under copyright. They were created by Wendee Pease © 2013. They are protected by United States copyright law.

The Licensee (recipient) may use, copy and modify these files for personal use only. These files are not to be used for commercial gain or on any kind of commercial site or any site using affiliate links. The files are not to be shared, loaned, rented, resold, distributed, transferred, or posted across a bulletin board, network, modem, via the Internet or on a web page. Do not make copies of these files on any electronic or physical medium (including CDs, diskettes, or other storage medium) for reasons other than back-up purposes.

The files are licensed for use on the licensee’s computer or laptop and should not be made available on a public computer or server. These files may be used by individuals living in same household working on the licensee’s desktop or laptop, provided the licensee is the owner of both computers and provided that the files are not used on both computers at the same time. Use on computers not owned by the licensee requires a separate purchase.

Licensee hereby acknowledges that Licensee has purchased or been given by Wendee Pease a license for each of these files for non-commercial, personal use. Licensee hereby agrees to pay liquidated damages to Licensor (Wendee Pease) in the amount of $5,000.00 for any non-personal and/or commercial use of each file used for non-personal and/or commercial use. In addition, should Licensor incur any attorney fees or other costs in collecting and/or enforcing this liquidated damages provision, Licensee agrees to reimburse Licensor for all such fees and/or costs. The parties acknowledge that the liquidated damages set forth above are reasonable in amount, that actual damages would be extremely difficult or impractical to determine and that any dispute or potential dispute over actual damages would be disruptive to the businesses of the parties so that it is in both parties’ best interest to have determined the amount of such reasonable liquidated damages.

If Licensee uses this product in an unauthorized personal manner (such as unauthorized sharing with individuals or groups), Licensee will be liable for liquidated damages of $1,000 and all attorneys’ costs and fees as described above.

If you have any questions about this copyright statement or wish to personally contact the copyright holder, you may contact:

Wendee Pease

Thanks for coming to my site and I hope you like the freebies as much as I like making them!